Friday, December 3, 2010

Thanksgiving on the Farm

With visitors from South Carolina, Tennessee, Florida, North Alabama, Texas and all of the locals, more than 30 friends and family members gathered together for Thanksgiving this year on the farm! A late Thanksgiving lunch was served at Mary Ann's house. While the adults gathered around tables and visited with each other, the children played outside until the wind and rain made it our way.

Here are some snapshots from the busy day...

One couldn't have asked for better food or company to kick off the holiday season! 

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Round Two

The corn harvest is over here at Dee River Ranch. Luckily we beat out the wet weather.

Now we have a little bit of a break until we begin harvesting soybeans. This should begin in the next week or so... depending on the weather. Due to the tropical disturbance in the gulf, we've had rain showers nearly every day for the past several days.

This is forecasted to continue throughout the week.

Until then, the beans will be waiting for Round 2 of harvest...

In the meantime, there has still be a lot going on around the farm. Shipping grain, loading and weighing trucks, managing the bins, field work, working on equipment, and moving cows...just to name a few things that's kept us busy.

Friday, July 23, 2010

And We're Off!

Before we get going full speed ahead, we've got to make some fine tune adjustments.
repairing the semi so that grain doesn't spill out...

adjusting the grain bins and doing some necessary maintenance on them...

replacing the lugnuts on the combine...

And then it was time to begin! Harvest 2010

Jesse and Clay drove the grain cart while Seth and Jodie cut the perimeter of the field.

Now, Annie is on the combine trying to beat Bonnie, the tropical storm headed our way!

This is what we like to see!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Harvest Delayed

Since corn harvest has been delayed, all hands have been required at the hay field....
Beautiful skies with 100+ heat index...

Jesse loading the trailer.

Seth also loading the trailer so Jodie (scary, I know) can haul it to the hay trap.

Brittney and the men getting the tractor going so they can square bale some of the hay.

Hay is cut and waiting for the fluffer, rake, and baler to come through.

The cows are standing in the lane on the way to the hay trap keeping a close eye on their calves in the next pasture. We are in the process of weaning the calves and the mothers are staying close by.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Almost that time...

Harvest seems to come earlier every year. It is already that time again... or at least it's almost that time.
There's still a little green in the field

Seth checks the moisture on a corn sample. Almost ready...

Since the corn wasn't quite ready, Seth went on to check the progress of the soybeans. Looking good!
Next, it was time to wrap-up some dirt work on a drainage project.

Other farm happenings: 
  • Mike, Zach and Brittney have been working in the hay field.
  • Jesse has been spraying the beans with fungicide.
  • Family visit! Jean and Matt, Julie, Taylor, Amanda, and Ellen (Taylor's girlfriend) came down for an extended weekend! Pictures from the fun-filled weekend will be posted soon!
Breaking news.......Tomorrow, harvest will officially begin in the 2,000 acre field. Check back for the latest.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Record Pace

Cow week was a success! We worked our entire herd in 2 days. A new farm record! The new sorting pen helped us greatly in accomplishing the arduous task of working such a large number of cattle. Here are some pictures from the 2 day extravaganza!

Dr. Character, Isabella, and Mr. David.
 Buddy in a staredown with a hefer.

Mike and Buddy getting ready for the next cow.
Brittney and Victoria keeping inventory.

Leonard, Zach and Seth

 Mike giving vaccines with Buddy's help.  

Isabella working the gates and keeping the cows moving.

Seth, Leonard and Zach pushing the cows thru.

Mrs. Annie showing Mr. Greg Powell the newest addition to the cattle pen.
Brittney keeping excellent records!

Buddy keeping the cows in line.
Victoria and Brittney.
              Zach and Seth .

Brittney, Isabella and Victoria
Mr. David and Dr. Character

  Victoria and Mike scanning the calves.